How to Prevent Glasses from Fogging While Wearing a Mask


How to Prevent Glasses from Fogging While Wearing a Mask

Posted by ,Jul 1st 2020

As mask-wearing continues to be recommended and even enforced by businesses and local governments, people are finding ways to ensure comfort and extended wearability in face masks. Regular glasses wearers know of the difficulty of wearing glasses and a mask at the same time, within seconds, your vision is impaired and the fogginess just won't go away. But, with a little DIY, you too can prevent this problem and continue wearing masks without the annoyance of glasses fog.

While wearing a mask, warm and moist breath escapes from the top, around the bridge of the nose. If you're wearing glasses, with every exhale warm vapor escapes from the top of the mask and condenses on the lenses, causing them to cloud over. To prevent vapor from escaping look for masks with an adjustable nose wire. Our Tri-Fold Masks and our N95 Style feature an adjustable wire so you can ensure you have a tight fit along the bridge of your nose.

If you'd like further protection against foggy glasses, try folding up a piece of tissue or paper towel and inserting it under your mask when it fits against the bridge of the nose. If you're wearing a mask with a wire, place the tissue under the wired area. This method, again, works to seal the gap between your face and the mask while preventing moisture from escaping.

Finally, a technique you can try that works regardless of the face mask you're wearing is to wash your glasses regularly with soap and warm water. This 2011 study found that cleaning glasses with soap and allowing them to air dry leaves behind a fine film. It's called the "surfactant effect," the residual film left on freshly cleaned lenses reduces surface tension and prevents clouding vapor from clinging.

If you're finding yourself annoyed by the tricky combination of glasses and masks, try one of these simple techniques to put yourself at ease and ensure that you're keeping yourself and others safe during these unprecedented times.